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Jewish Heritage

Day 01 – TEL AVIV

Arrival in Tel Aviv. Transfer to hotel.

Day 02 – TEL AVIV

Departure from the hotel to unraveling the beauty and modernity of Tel Aviv and Jaffa with thousands of years. We begin our day by visiting the Museum of Independence Hall where in 1948 was established the independence of Israel by David Ben Gurion. Visit the charming Artists’ Quarter in Nachalat Binimim and follow to the traditional fair “Shuk hacarmel”. Move on to the ancient city of Jaffa. Which is one of the oldest cities in the world and houses one of the oldest ports in the world. We will continue visiting the monument in honor of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabim and we close our day with a fantastic sunset appreciated the Mediterranean Sea. Overnight in Tel Aviv


Exit to the north towards Caesarea, former capital of the region during the Roman era. Visit the archaeological excavations of the Crusader city, the aqueduct and the amphitheater were renewed for its magnificence of the past and today serves as a stage for performances of entertainment. Continue to Haifa for an overview of the city and the bay region of Mount Carmel and visit “AF AL PI CHEN”, the naval museum dedicated to the illegal immigration to Israel during the British Mandate control. Continue to Acre, where we visit the old port. Arrival in the far north of Israel at Rosh Hanikra to descend by cable car to the limestone caves. Overnight in Tiberias.

Day 04 – SAFED / Golan Heights (GALILEE)

Departure to Safed, center of mysticism and Kabbalah. Visit the synagogues Joseph Dear and Ha ‘Ari, the most significant synagogues in Safed. Free to wander through the Artists’ Quarter Time. Safed output to the base of the Golan Heights. Increase the hills to get an overview of the city of Kuneitra and the Syrian territory from the vantage point. Continue to Tel Facher, former Syrian army camp. The next stop on the journey is the Banias Springs and then continued to Tel-Hai with his Monument “Roaring Lion” and find out about the courageous struggle of Josef Trumpeldor and his compatriots in 1920. Overnight in Tiberias.


Departure to Tiberias to visit Rambam’s grave. Continue to Beit Shean, the most significant archaeological site in Israel with amazing excavations of the Roman and Byzantine eras. Visit to Beit Alpha and admire the extraordinary mosaic floor of a synagogue from the Byzantine era. Continue to Gan Hashlosha to enjoy bathing in the refreshing water springs at the base of Mount Gilboa, where King Saul was killed in battle against the Philistines. Return to Jerusalem through the Jordan Valley. Stop at Mount Scopus, where you will receive a blessing to enter Jerusalem. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 06 – Jerusalem (Old City)

Visit the Old City of Jerusalem, starting at the Tomb of King David on Mount Zion walk along the Cardo, the ancient Roman road and visit the four synagogues reinstated after the Six Day War in 1967, the Jewish Quarter. Following the visit to “Burnt House” where they will surprise us with the story that we learn. Then the so awaited visit the Wailing Wall. Follow the tunnels (Kotel Tunnels). Walk through the Arab fair, and through the Jaffa Gate to the David Citadel Museum and see the ancient ruins of Jerusalem from the time of the First Temple. Overnight in Jerusalem.

Day 07 – Jerusalem (New Town)

Departure to the amazing archaeological discovery, the City of David. Where will we go inside the tunnel of Hezekiah. Continuing to the museum Davidson Center. Mea Shearim proceed to where we see the distinctive way of life of the ultra orthodox communities. Continuing to Mount Herzl, the military cemetery. Moving to the Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem. Stop at Mount Munitions old trenches Jordanian army, taken by the Israeli army in the Six Day War and converted into a national museum and memorial. Continued to Israel’s parliament – the Knesset – and see the Menorah with the biblical symbols. We end the day visiting the Israel Museum with a visit to the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls templates are exposed, as well as the Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Morning departure to the Dead Sea through the Judean Desert, the lowest point on earth, 400 meters below sea level. Visit Qumeran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Continued by the shores of the Dead Sea to Massada and take the cable car to the ancient fortress where in 73 AD, the Zealots in represaria against the Romans committed mass suicide. Descend by cable car again and if time and weather conditions are favorable, free time to bathe in the Dead Sea. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Free day.



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